The world can be a chaotic place at times. With all that might be going on, we at The Urbanist look to bring some calm into your life. We do this by bringing the outside, inside. There is nothing quite like the slow and steady existence of the Aloe, or the mesmerizing shapes of the Aeonium, and the beauty of the Jade Tree when blooming. Our range of products is there to bring some Zen into your home or work place, through the tranquility they promote and the stability they project.

When you adopt a terrarium, you gain a companion. When given a healthy dose of indirect sunlight and an occasional splash of water, you and your new housemate will be well on your way to a long and rewarding relationship. Just like in life, our range of products is always changing, so be sure to pop in whenever you need a little dose of tranquility.

And as always, Aloe from the other side.